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The Air-Flora™ is an inflatable flower that instantly transforms any space into a blooming environment. Hang Air-Flora™ from above as a lighting fixture, create bouquets on a truss, or decorate with laurels of Air-Flora™. Call for pricing and more information.


About AirDD Hi-Lights – Softly lit from within in any color, our Cones, Stars, Spheres, and Tentacles can instantly add beauty and sophistication to any event.
We hope the images below spark your imagination and we look forward to hearing from you.

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AIRDD's founder Doron Gazit has spent his life designing with "vertical wind." From artistic sculptures in the desert, on the water and in the sky, to special effects and promotional products, Gazit's company, Air Dimensional Design, has found myriad creative ways to harness the wind. From his work at the Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies and the Governor's Ball at the Emmy Awards to large environmental productions in Dubai and Japan, Gazit has earned his reputation as one of the world's premier "air-chitects." Today, AirDD has grown to include many products from Airtubes and Wind Walls to more stationary pieces such as Hi-Lights, a variety of unique and fantastical shapes filled with air and illuminated from within. Like all of Gazit's creations, they lend an artistic beauty to special events both large and small.

Air Dimensional Design, Inc.  please visit us online at or call 1.800.680.8865

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