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Happy New Year!

But, is there really anything “NEW” in the balloon business?

For those of us who have been in the business for a long time, we are always looking for something new and exciting.  Whether it is a new color or foil design from the manufacturers, or a new design shared by a fellow balloon artist on the internet or at an educational seminar.  We need to get our juices flowing again with these new things in order to WOW our customers which in turn will bring us more business and more profits.

There are those of you reading this who are new to the industry.  You decided to take a chance and join the world of balloons because it would be a fun way to spend your weekends or make some extra income.  Hopefully you have gone to a convention or local Open House and received some training in your new chosen field and are bringing some new creativity to entice your customers and also share with your fellow balloon friends around the globe.

There are beautiful balloon designs which are shared mostly on-line these days as publishing a paper magazine became cost prohibitive.  But the balloon industry has always been a sharing community of new ideas, creativity and welcoming, to the Newbies who want to give it a try.  We may see a design someone else has created and shared with us, tweaked it somehow and made it our own.   You receive new photos each week from BALLOONSandParties showing the fabulous work being done around the world.

How fun is it while watching TV and to see a particular scene decorated with balloons and think, I can do that!  Or how many dozens of commercials show balloons in their ads and wonder, who did that?  How did they get that gig?  I want to be able to do that too!  New inspiration is out there all the time. Create new designs, incorporate new products in your deliveries, invent a new way to help your business grown.   It doesn’t matter if you are inflating your thousandth balloon or your first, get inspired and renew your expectations for 2016 by making it the most creative, exciting, and profitable new year yet!

Wishing you a Happy New Year, from our business to yours,


Andrea Zettler

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