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The IBA is gone. WHO CARES?

The IBA is gone. WHO CARES? By Mark Zettler, Publisher On January 7th of this year something very important and very disturbing happened in the balloon industry. I, like perhaps many of you, received a simple e-mail from the Executive Director of the International Balloon Association (IBA). In this carefully worded e-mail, Marty Fish outlined […]

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An open letter to Oprah Winfrey

Advertisement [youtube: 250 202 align=”right”] Have you seen Oprah’s new commercial? WOW!! An open letter to Oprah Winfrey… On behalf of the entire balloon industry I would like to thank Ms. Winfrey, HARPO Productions and their marketing staff for being champions of balloons. As the publisher of the US balloon industries only independent magazine, I […]

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SO LONG 2008

2008 – Good bye, Good Riddance You can’t possibly think we need anything other than a great big SO LONG to 2008. It can’t leave fast enough. All the troubles and woes of a world in a complete tail spin. I think we should all pretty much be car sick by now, don’t you?? So, […]

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