An open letter to Oprah Winfrey


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Have you seen Oprah’s new commercial?


An open letter to Oprah Winfrey…

On behalf of the entire balloon industry I would like to thank Ms. Winfrey, HARPO Productions and their marketing staff for being champions of balloons. As the publisher of the US balloon industries only independent magazine, I was most gratified to see balloons being the primary inspiration on the OWN launch promo video. Not only does it make for a most effective visual; making use of balloons in such a grand fashion helps reinforce to the general public that balloons are colorful, inspiring, fantastic and just plain fun.

And with Ms. Winfrey’s “seal of approval” to back that up, there is no telling how much wonderfully positive energy concerning our product will be generated by a video of this nature.

Thank you again very much.

Continued success,
Mark Zettler,
Publisher BALLOONS & Parties Magazine

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