Uncleballoons: A Wonderful Show with 10,000 Balloons on Stage!

Uncleballoons and the 10,000 balloon show!

 An interactive tale with songs and balloons!

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The story:

The little King and the princess Leila live happily in the 10,000 balloon castle, in a time where balloons had more value than money…

But the dark knight had nothing, and he wanted balloons too… hundreds of balloons, thousands of balloons…With the help of his friend, the witch Grabouilla, he kidnapps the princess for ransom and demands the seeds of the balloon trees. Should the little king free the princess and teach the dark knight a lesson?

In this show, Uncleballoons covers themes like violence, sharing, and forgiving, all in finess and without demagogy.

Other scenarios are possible:

  • “Knight Of The Round Table”
  • Created in 2013: “Treasured Island” Inspired by characters of the novel by Peter Stevenson.

Humain size balloon sculpture on Stage : Dragon, Sea, Space, Paris, North pole, and giant balloon workshop available!

Extra scene:
At the end of the story, our good king leaves for the country of « it’s very far at the end of the earth ». He crosses a wild jungle in where he meets GIANT animals made of balloons. He converses with a toucan, a  lion and a monkey (7 feet tall mascots).  Then, they are chased by the king of the jungle, a life-sized elephant that walks on stage or in the audiance (if technical support possible).

This journey leads to the finale of the show, like a firework. It will end with the dragon of the Chinese new year, an amazing 15 foot dragon made of 1,000 balloons, which roams into the audience and ends the journey of the jungle.

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