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Feature Article: Balloons Launch Baseball Season

Jacquie Sopko-Crolius sent me an interesting e-mail a short time ago with a cool photograph of a balloon release she created for the Cleveland Indians' (that's baseball!) home opener this season. I asked her if she could fill us in on the details and she was kind enough to oblige me. Here is her story. […]

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International Balloon Association

I&I: IBA announces Annual Business Conference in Minneapolis

The International Balloon Association (IBA) announces Annual Business Conference in Minneapolis, MN September 18-20, 2008 Conference planned to be BEST EVER for Balloon Industry; featuring guest speakers, classes, Manufacturer’s Showcase and three days of networking opportunities with Industry leaders. Wichita, KS, June 2, 2008:  The IBA’s Annual Business Conference for 2008 entitled “WINNING the WAR […]

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I&I: Catch Steve & Robbie’s Deco-Twisting Tour

Sign up now for your chance to learn from deco-twisting greats Steve Jones and Robbie Furman as they cross the country during their first-ever 12-city tour, teaching their famous Party People and Lootles. Hosted by Pioneer Balloon Company and AeraDeco Video, these wild hands-on classes will provide a wealth of valuable information for decorators and […]

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Feature Article: Lessons from the Luxury Buyer…

Lessons from the Luxury Buyer… What is happening to them?     The affluent or luxury buyer is becoming much more conservative in their buying habits according to Pam Danziger, President of Unity Marketing.   The interesting thing is that this is NOT because of a decline in affluent customers or any real economic reason… […]

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Pictured here is our

Feature Article: Seven Ways for Flutter Fetti

  Seven Ways Flutter Fetti™ Enhances Wedding Events from Beginning to End   It's May, the beginning of the bridal season. The Flutter Fetti Fun Factory offers many Memorable Special Effects for Weddings. We recommend offering the bride and groom a “package” of effects which will keep their guests “ooooing” and awing” throughout the event. […]

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Problem Solvers: Mick Jagger killed the Mass Market!

Yes, it's true. Mick Jagger killed the mass market using the power of subconscious persuasion. In 1965, he wrote a song that became a huge hit with the baby boom generation and it changed our views of mass marketing. This song has been played millions of times over the decades. The song? Satisfaction, which most […]

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Problem Solvers: Why Some Cultures Have to Negotiate

  Did you ever notice that some cultures just seem to have to negotiate every transaction – big or small? You might even tell them that the price of your product or service isn't negotiable and yet they still persist. Why don't they get it? The answer is simply, "cultural differences." There are two types […]

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