I&I: “Curby” Brings Traffic Stopping Sales

Curby is a natural for companies looking to do business with the prospective customers driving by their store(s) every day. Whether in front of a restaurant, a furniture store, a wireless phone retailer or a toy store, Curby increases the number of eyeballs and store traffic by leveraging the company’s largest marketing asset – the street.”
About Curby
Curby is a new outdoor advertising solution that consists of an inflatable character and air blow which animates the character. The product consists of a new quiet-operating air blower weighing half as much as existing models and while much more compact, produces almost as much power as current industrial units.  The Curby character is made of durable, lightweight fabric for years of trouble free operation and comes with a banner which attaches to the character and promotes your business.  Custom banners and custom characters are also available as an option.  All Curby items are manufactured by SkyDancers in the U.S.
About SkyDancers International Inc.
SkyDancers International Inc. is the world technology leader in active motion promotional inflatables for retail promotions, special events and stage set design.  SkyDancers products have been installed at retail businesses around the world and at major events and in amusement parks around the world including several Disney parks; Universal parks; Six Flags parks; Opryland and others.  SkyDancers have also been featured  in movies; in music videos; and on television, including the internationally viewed programs such as the Superbowl; the Grammys; and the World Cup, just to name a few.  SkyDancers are used by major recording artists on stage and on tour.  SkyDancers International Inc. is headquartered in Northridge, California with dealers located around the world.  For more information, visit

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