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Quick Links

Quick Links is relatively new with only being around for the last 6 months. They do not have as much of the bells and whistles like Link-O-Loons do but they have some differences. They have 42 colors and 25 prints and come in 6” and 12” sizes. Quick Links keeps a uniform shape regardless of which ends are tied together. They claim this allows you to work easier and therefore make more money. This includes neck to neck, tip to tip or neck to tip. You can combine them with existing Qualatex products. Quick Links also claims to be able to use with a basic skill level and may also be used with air, helium or HI-FLOAT. Used by experienced designers or basic skill level.
Although Link-O-Loons and Quick Links have similarities, it is outweighed by the differences. Link-O-Loons seem to be the winner in this comparison with more to offer than Quick Links and have been around a lot longer. In the end it’s your decision which one you choose or even better, use both!

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