Mark’s Rant: Coming Soon To A Computer Screen Near You…

Very soon I will be launching two new initiatives through our magazine.
videos!First will be a semi-weekly video blog (that’s a vlog right?) with my thoughts on the industry. This will be a collection of quick tips to (hopefully) help you make better business decisions and some of my own crazy ideas just to make you think. Even though a vlog is kind of a one way “conversation” I would actually like it to be a collective process of ideas as I dare each and every one of you to challenge me and some of my wild thoughts. Call me out. Tell me I’m nuts. Start your own rant – but do something! Start something! Change something!
So look for my thoughts that I call “BALLOONS & Parties In A New York Minute” coming very soon.
Next will be a service we are putting together called “The Best Balloons On The Internet.” If you hadn’t noticed, there are a lot of videos out there in cyberspace about balloons. A lot of these pieces are, quite frankly, awful. However, some of these videos are pretty good and I want very much for you to see only the good ones. So, here at BALLOONS & Parties Magazine, we will take the time to peruse the Internet for you, take our time to slog through the mire of awful videos and find some of the gems for you to watch. We’ll be your filter to successful video watching.
So again, COMING TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU…on your computer, on your TV monitor and even on your Smartphone, look for some hot ideas that only a well made video can bring you, courtesy of me and BALLOONS & Parties Magazine.
Stay tuned!!

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