Natural Bamboo Tambor Paneling — Like most matting products, they look great when attached to walls, and ceilings.  Designers use this product to produce beautiful countertops and tables when resins are applied over them.  A cloth backing adds to the ease of applying construction cement, or wallpaper glues when attaching to various materials.
Natural Rolled Bamboo Fencing — Connected with hidden heavy gauge galvanized wires, our fence panels are pre assembled and ready to be installed in your outdoor garden or home. Easily set up outdoor structural fences by connecting them together to form a screening barrier.
Thatch and Umbrella Kits — Thatch roofing is one of the oldest forms of roofing known. Thatch is renewable, fast growing and earth-friendly. carries coco palm thatch roof panels from Mexico (also known as palapas), cape reed panels from Africa, and thatch panels from Fiji.

Bamboo: An Earth-Friendly Alternative
Bamboo is considered a sustainable resource because it grows faster than any other plant on earth. Various types of this woody grass can grow 3 feet or more per day. When grown commercially, it is grown like other horticultural crops and harvested annually. Bamboo regenerates without replanting and requires minimal fertilization and planting. It is also an important economic resource in less developed countries, improving the quality of life of those that are involved in the commercial growth and distribution.

From their 65,000 square foot facility in San Diego, CA, Bamboo and Tikis is one of the largest providers of outdoor and backyard related products in the western United States. All employees are committed to the endless hours needed to make their business expand and prosper. Bamboo and Tikis flies around the world sourcing products directly from the manufacturer so the customer gets the best quality and pricing.


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