Feature: Good Times in a Bad Economy

For brands looking to promote their name while creating a memorable event, Celebrating in Style’s founder, Nadia Digilov, suggests getting other brands involved in “Cross Promotion.” She states that, “this concept is directly correlated with the ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine.’ During these times we all need to work together and achieve great results. When businesses agree to partner up and cross promote both sides save significant amounts of money while building long-term relationships.”
Cross promotion can be as simple as speaking with an event space that is looking to get word out to a key demographic about its amenities and agreeing to invite 15-100 key people who might be interested in utilizing the space for their own purposes in exchange for lending the space or discounting the price for your event. This concept can also extend into service-based business such as catering.  For instance, if a catering company’s business has slowed due to the recession, you can offer to utilize their service at a discounted price and allow them to showcase promotional material at the event to your guests that are potential new customers for the company.  This creates word of mouth in the appropriate demographic, which according to Digilov is “always significantly more effective that a billboard aimed at a random and not strategic demographic, thus the service you offer in return is priceless!”
For more suggestions on how to take advantage of the recession to create memorable events, or event ideas in general from Celebrating in Style, please feel free to contact us:

Celebrating In Style is a full-service event-planning firm founded in 2002 that specializes in unconventional events.  Celebrating In Style’s unique approach to event coordination helps bring to life the most astounding weddings, product launches, corporate and marketing events.  The firm works with clients to choose a memorable theme and has a reputation for flawless execution of events, ensuring that the client sees their dream become a reality regardless of what their budget may be. The Celebrating In Style team consists of industry leaders, thus allowing the client to sit back, relax and see their dreams come to life without any additional stress!


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