Feature Article: “Indecent Proposal” Helps Raise $6,000

"I made an "indecent proposal" to her," Bihet continued. "I told her I would donate $2,000 to SEARCH Foundation if she would she let me be her Demi Moore and she my Robert Redford [just like in the movie] and spend three days working with her and her team on their next project in Los Angeles at Warner Bros. Guess what? She loved it! And she didn't even know who I was before."

But it didn't stop there. An instant Bihet was connecting others via her indecent proposal plan. "I grabbed Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events and asked her she wanted to be the next Demi Moore that evening. She said ‘yes,' so I promised her that I would find a Robert Redford for her.

Bihet took mic and matters into her own hands and hit the stage, and what happen next was magical. After asking for volunteers to be Souza's Redford, two offers came – along with an additional $4,000 in pledges for a total of $6,000 – in less than a minute!

SEARCH raised an incredible total of approximately $12,000 that evening, beating last year's total of $10,000.

This is a great way to get to know people in the event industry that you look up to, want to meet, and want to learn from – hands on. But the "indecent proposal" doesn't have to stop here.  If you would like to participate and keep the energy going please let Bihet know. Together we will make the event industry stronger than ever.

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