Donald D. Barrucci – A loss to our Industry

Don Barrucci

 It is with a heavy Heart that I write to you all in regards to the very sudden death of Don Barrucci.   Don died Thursday December 17th.   Don and his loving Wife Bernie, have been involved in our great industry for many many years.   Veterans to many IBAC conventions and participants of many Industry events and functions, local Balloon Network members as well as Community leaders,  Don and Bernie have been clearly an inspiration to our beloved Industry.   Life long partners,  Don and Bernie owned Parties of Woburn and have helped our Industry expand the power of balloons into many peoples hearts.   They loved each other with passion and shared that passion to all who knew them.   
We will miss Don very much, but his memory will  remain in our hearts forever.   
I believe we have the greatest industry in the world today.   Together we design and give with all of our hearts,  The greatest moments in life.   Together we also help each other thru the toughest times.  Many of you have met Don and many of you have not.  With that said,  please send a note of love to Bernie.   The power of our love can help her to endure the sad days ahead.    Her address is:   
Bernadette (Bernie) Barrucci
5 Cronin Way
Woburn, Massachusetts  01801
Release a latex balloon in Don's honor, with no ribbon.   I am sure Don will be smiling as he gathers all the balloons, places ribbon on them and makes the largest Balloon Bouquet ever.   
Warmest Regards,

Peggy Williams
Education Coordinator
burton + BURTON

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