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Yes, I’m CHEAP! There, I said it. I come from a long line of “cheapsters.” My wife knows it. My children know it. My staff here at work knows it and so, I am.
In todays upside down economy, CHEAP has taken on a whole new positive aura, simply because it seems like nothing is CHEAP anymore. Everything is outrageously expensive. Anything you can purchase cheaply is not only a welcome bargain but a rare find indeed. The elusive hunt for cheap gas, cheap clothes, cheap paper, cheap groceries, cheap helium, cheap ribbon or balloons now has literally do or die consequences to one personally or for a business. Small business is drowning in debt and everyday bills. Is there anything that’s CHEAP anymore?


West Coast Event & Balloon Art Convention

Well, balloons are still the CHEAP alternative to pretty much any décor item one can think of. Even with helium increases, and latex and foil prices on the rise, balloons are still (to be politically correct) the most cost effective décor element in the marketplace today. Flowers, fabric, lighting, props, glassware, candles – anything sound CHEAP in there to you?

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So to you I say – EL CHEAPO”s UNITE! Market your business as the CHEAP alternative. Save your customers money. Make more sales and thrive even in the worst of economic times. And don’t forget, now that BALLOONS & Parties Magazine is online, we bring you information cheaply as well. Just keep clicking on all the great columns we have for you this issue.
Well, I’ve got to go. The van needs gas and I just got a tip the cheapest gas in town is right around the corner!!

Mark Zettler, Publisher
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