Promotions in the Betallic Sales and Customer Service Department

We are excited to announce a few promotions in the Betallic Sales and Customer Service Department!

Nick Lau has been promoted to Sales Representative.  Nick will be managing primarily an inside domestic and international sales territory.  Nick comes from the Betallic Customer Service team where he excelled in giving thorough and excellent customer service to many of the Betallic customers.  He has already been working behind the scenes on your account and is excited to touch base soon to see how he can better assist you with growing your Betallic business.

Jeff Ponciroli has been promoted to National Sales Manager.  As part of his new duties, Jeff will be working with several of our key accounts, while overseeing Nick in his sales duties.  As a 10 year industry veteran and Betallic associate, Jeff brings extensive product and service experience to the role. He has been instrumental to Betallic most recently as our Customer Service Manager.

Additionally,  Char Gibbs has been promoted to Customer ServiceSupervisor.  Char will lead our customer service team and will overseeorder flow and processes for all key accounts.  This is a natural progression for Char as she has been a valuable member of the customer service team. I know you will appreciate Nick, Jeff and Char’s strong attention to detail and customer service as they work to help you meet needs as they relate to Betallic.

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