Feature: My “Precious” Helium A Requiem to Helium

My latex, my awesome latex transforming a space within minutes, the flow of the canvas, the flow of an artist, threatened to end from the lack of a basic element of design. HELIUM, my wondrous helium.

I am so grateful for my talent and my gifts of which I have been blessed. I often wonder if my fellow balloon artists feel the passion and the satisfaction of a finished event. A vision in the mind’s eye, that comes to life and more awesome when complete than when imagined and designed?

I still thrive on that satisfaction, closing the tank, and going WOW! I do it for my clients, I do it with spirit, and get into the flow of life, delivering my art form to the world. This is my purpose, and this is my passion, and it is so miraculous to have that be a part of one’s life. So few ever know the joy of delivering your art form to the world around us. It is a blessing beyond my words.

I love to blow ‘me away………. These are balloons! The pictures never quite capture my expressions, designs, and I’m so grateful for my clients, that trust me with their budgets, and pay me to do my art form.

Helium, so much a part of my life’s blood, my passion, and my purpose. “My precious” Helium.

Colleen Carroll, Balloon Designs & Airdancer Productions

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