Feature: Infusing a Little Green Into Your Red, White, and Blue Party


2.) Do away with the cheap wasteful plastic plates that ruin the image of every event and invest in the newest and greenest tabletop decor that is recycled, toxin free, and made from biodegradable materials.  Digilov suggests Verterra sleek and modern shaped plates, bowls, and serving dishes made from only two products: fallen leaves and water.




3.) Now that you’ve set your table with eco-friendly flatware, Digilov suggests filling the plates with organic foods from your local farmer’s market.  Purchase all the needed fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy you need from locally grown farms supporting the U.S. economy and adding wholesome organic nutrition to your guest’s plates.  They, in turn, will rant and rave about enjoying the best 4th of July meal they’ve had!




4.) Having an evening party?  Put the final green touches on your event with lit soy candles and forget the electricity.  Unlike traditional paraffin candles which release harmful emissions soy wax is a sustainable and renewable resource, thereby helping our environment.  An added bonus: soy candles can burn up to 50% longer. A candle lit green dinner for your 4th of July party is the perfect way to still enjoy the red, white, and blue holiday in an environmentally conscious way.



Now pat yourself on the back because not only does your party look elegant but you’ve also done your bit to help the U.S economy in an eco-friendly fashion.  You’ll feel green enough to enjoy those harmful red, white, and blue fireworks guilt free!


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