Feature Article: NEW HI-FLOAT® METHOD

To treat an 11-inch latex balloon with a 75 percent helium/25 percent air mixture, you do not need to buy a special gas mixture. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Inject ULTRA HI-FLOAT® into the balloon (using the white restriction clip on the pump dispenser) and rub.
  • Blow the balloon up with air or nitrogen to 7-inches diameter.
  • Blow the balloon up the rest of the way with helium.

The key to success is adding enough helium for the balloons to float initially.  Depending on your climate/altitude you may need to change the mixture slightly to get the balloon to float well initially. If the balloon floats immediately, it should float for at least three or four days.

For more information about treating balloons with a helium/air mixture, including treating other sized balloons, visit our website

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About HI-FLOAT® Company:
In 1982, HI-FLOAT® Company revolutionized the balloon industry by introducing its patented balloon treatment that increases the life of helium and air-filled balloons. Since its inception, family-owned, privately-held HI-FLOAT® Company has expanded its product portfolio to include SUPER HI-FLOAT® and ULTRA HI-FLOAT®, which increase the floating life of latex balloons between 10 and 25 times. More information about HI-FLOAT® and tips for using the company’s products are available at .

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