Editor’s Note

So here’s the thing.  Social Media is great!  It is the way of the world these days.  However, I find it hard to understand why someone would go on a Social Media sight and show the non-balloon world how to do something – whether making arches or groups or centerpieces.  I understand wanting to share your knowledge, but when the information goes out to the world, then our customers figure they can do it themselves, and where does that leave those of us who make a living from decorating with balloons?

There are more and more Do-It-Yourselfers these days who cut into our bottom line.  Thousands of balloon artists spend their hard-earned money to take classes and learn from other professionals in the balloon industry.  If what we learn is “out there” for the general public, how does that help our business grow?  There will always be those who will do-it-themselves and some of their work will look okay, but often, it will not.  I understand if they can’t afford a professional decorator, but it is our job to prove to those who can afford it, to hire us!  We’ll get the job done and make their party look great!

What do you think?

Wishing everyone a quicker, warmer Winter and a Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of profits!!


Andrea P. Zettler
Managing Editor

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