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I’m addicted to Facebook! I’m addicted to Facebook, there I’ve said it!

When Facebook was started, it was a college thing.  My kids were approaching college age at the time and they had Facebook pages.  My nieces and nephews were already out of college, but each of them had Facebook pages.  They would put pictures of their kids (my great-nieces and nephews) on Facebook and it was the only way for me to see them.  

So I decided to join.  I told my kids, I didn’t want to see what was on their page and they could block me if they wanted.  (one did, one didn’t)  I don’t think I was on Facebook more than a week when I had already been “friended” by  an old boyfriend, grammar school classmates and college friends I hadn’t seen in years.  Now several years later, I have many “friends,” joined several groups from my hometown and camp where we relive old times and reconnect with old friends.  I spend too much time playing games, but it is also a way to have a quick chat or  see what is going on with friends’ lives.  

It was the greatest tool when a young cousin of mine was touring with an entertainer as a production assistant and found herself in Lake Charles, LA by herself on her birthday.  She popped up on  Facebook asking if there was someone out there she knew to spend time with…. I quickly told her to stay put and made a phone call to my dear friend Dyane Hedrick, formerly of Balloon delights and within the hour  had someone for my cousin to share in her birthday dinner.  It never would have happened without Facebook.

You may not want to join and that’s okay.  But if you are a fan like me, you must have found the benefits for your business by now.  The many balloon artists willing to share their work in a public forum is amazing.  The balloon industry has always been a very sharing community, but now with Facebook, you can see what  other artists are doing all over the world.  Through the years, we have asked people to send photos to us at BALLOONS and Parties, and some subscribe to BHQ, and even some people send to Qualatex’s Catalogue, but taking a photo and downloading it immediately onto the computer is certainly amazing to an old fogy like me.  Not only do you get ideas from your peers, but you can contact them to ask questions or for advice and make new contacts if you ever get a call to deliver balloons in their city.           

Following The BALLOONstitute we held in Detroit last September, I added many Facebook friends to my page where I keep up with the parties they are doing and  I am approached often for foam board advice or further discussions from classes I’ve taught.  I’m not saying you have to join Facebook  (I don’t make a commission), I just think the benefits of using it are fun!  We are in a fun business (if you leave out the business issues you have to put up  with) and why not keep the fun happening whenever possible!

Wishing you a profitable Summer and see you on Facebook,


Andrea P. Zettler
Managing Editor

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