Design Solutions: Blue Walls That Beats Them All

The Challenge – Setup needed to be done in only 5 1/2 hours while working in a small area so as not to interfere with Bingo and Keno players coming and going for a portion of that afternoon.

The Solution – Using Rouse International (RMS) Super Builder panels filled with 18" blue foil round balloons.

Eight Life O' The Party crew members were assembled and made the three hour trip to Foxwoods. Upon arrival we were faced with an even smaller setup area than promised. In a surprise demand from the venue, we had to hide much of the work we were doing from the general public. So, we quickly took some of the balloon walls we created and assembled them temporarily as a barrier between our crew and the general public. We asked for stanchions and ropes from the hotel, lined them up in a long row spaced about a foot apart and simply placed pieces of filled Super Builders in between the ropes. Poof – we had a temporary wall to work behind that took no more than five minutes to assemble!

After that, setup went relatively smoothly with a little extra (and welcomed) help from our customer, Wizard Studios-New York staff. The fruits of our labors are highlighted in the attached photographs. None of the photos are able to show the complete scope and size of the project, as some of the structures curved around walls and desks. The photos were taken showing the completed structures from a number of different angles. Lighting from LED lights on the floor was supplied by Wizard Studios-New York.

It took four days to construct and install. It took only 50 minutes to strike all of it – SIGH!!

 That's our story. Send us yours for the very next issue of "Design Solutions."


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