Balloon Base

Balloon Base instructions:

Click to Enlarge Supplies:

4 – 11” latex balloons (red)
4 – 9” latex balloons (white)
2 – 260 latex balloons (red)
Air sizing machine or templates (8” and 5”)


All inflation is with air or nitrogen.

Inflate 4 – 11” latex balloons (red) to 8”, tying in pairs and make a quad grouping. Repeat same of 4 – 9” latex balloons (white) to 5”. Take your inflated two quad groupings and twist together into a mini-column configuration.

Inflate 1 – 260 latex balloon (red) in a tight spiral (our preference is to use twist uninflated 260 around two of your fingers or could use a _” piece of PVC to wrap uninflated 260 around. Inflate 260 completely into a tight curl. Take second 260 balloon (red) and inflate into a looser spiral (twisting around three fingers or using a larger piece of PVC, 1” to 1 _” pipe) creating a more open spiral. Tie the two spiral 260’s together.

Tie 260 pairing into top of mini column, placing tight spiral 260 at top of arrangement and looser spiral 260 to the side of the arrangement.

Now complete, this arrangement is very light. You can tie a small weight inside the arrangement. Or better yet, create your own helium balloon piece, tying the piece to a basic weight. Slip the basic weight inside the Balloon Base and you have completed the arrangement.


  • Instead of 260 balloons spiraled out of the top, leave them straight as you create more of a tree or bush-like look.
  • Instead of 260 balloons spiraled out of the top, place any kind of foil balloon (9” or 18”) relating to your theme or colors. Stars, sports balloons, etc. look terrific in this balloon base.




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