Chains For The Better: New Everyday Linkydoodles Decorative Candy

Chains For The Better: New Everyday Linkydoodles Decorative Candy Canes Bring A Festive Taste Of Retro-Cool Fun To Any Party Or Event

World’s First Linkable Candy Adds New Year-Round Varieties To Classic Christmas Line

Orange, CA, March 31, 2014 –For as long as any of us can remember, birthday celebrations, special events, workplace parties, graduations and family occasions have essentially all looked the same – as if a single Hollywood set decorator had been assigned to design every get-together of the year. What if, however, there was a fun, festive, unique and decidedly colorful product that would not only brighten even the most decoratively-challenged event, but would actually help emotionally link everyone gathered together as well?

LinkydoodlesIntroducing Everyday Linkydoodles (, the much-anticipated year-round version of a brand that has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of families, party hosts, gift-givers and workplace colleagues every Christmas holiday season since 2008.

The world’s only linkable candy, Linkydoodles may look and taste like old-fashioned candy canes (albeit with a literal and figurative twist!), but loyal fans know they are in reality much more – warmly nostalgic, yet retro-cool decorations that lend a palpable air of bonding, joy and festivity to any occasion.

Easily fashioned into everything from napkin rings and place card holders to party favors and table decorations, Linkydoodles are in fact so pleasing to the eye, many people forget they are every bit as pleasing to the palate.

Equally suited to both genders and all ages, Everyday Linkydoodles can magically transform any home, restaurant, reception hall, auditorium, office or outdoor setting – making them welcome additions to birthday parties, corporate events, family get-togethers, sports team victory celebrations, baby and bridal showers, grand openings, anniversary parties, social club meetings, special receptions, national holidays and more.

Adding to the brand’s appeal, party hosts and event planners can decorate a venue with Linkydoodles in advance of an event or invite guests to have fun testing their own decorative flair after they’ve arrived.

Available exclusively on for $19.99, Everyday Linkydoodles are sold in packages containing 28 pieces that can be linked together as garlands running up to five and a half feet in length. Each Linkydoodle is shaped by hand one-at-a-time and manufactured in the United States.

The new Everyday Linkydoodles are available in three distinct colors and patterns (all irresistibly Cherry-flavored), including RainbowPink; and Blue.

All variations feature their own unique signature colors, patterns and designs specially created by Linkydoodles’ Founder and Doodle-In-Chief Robin Reichelt to complement any party theme from New Year’s Eve to Thanksgiving (after which it’s time to switch back to classic Linkydoodles for Christmas again!).

In addition to Everyday Linkydoodles, Robin has created a new line of Wedding Linkydoodles which will be available in time to help couples link together during the marriage ceremony-rich month of June.

“Created as an homage to my grandmother and the special Midwestern Christmas traditions we shared when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, Linkydoodles are the perfect expression of the warmth and connection we feel toward family members, friends, neighbors and valued co-workers,” says Robin Reichelt. “I’ve worked diligently to make certain our new year-round products capture the same life-affirming, retro-chic qualities of our original Christmas line and help partygoers and event planners keep the festive spirit of the holidays glowing all year long.”

About Linkydoodles CandyChains                                        

Created by the Southern California-based Robin Reichelt and made entirely in the U.S., Linkydoodles® CandyChains are the world’s only linkable candy. Not only fun, delicious and decorative, Linkydoodles – available in Christmas and Everyday (year-round) varieties – are designed to help family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances forge a closer link to each other during any occasion. Please visit for more information, and connect with Linkydoodles on Facebook:

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