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"If you don't have problems you don't have a business!" Sage words spoken by my father-in-law many years ago. Of course, I heard it a lot when I was complaining about something – anything that was going wrong in my day. So, he was right – he was REALLY right!! Though many of us want to blow up balloons, and have fun, and be creative, and bring joy to others, and, and, and…we forget about something else! We forget we are also in business; and with being in business comes a whole set of responsibilities that are sometimes so totally akin to fun and creativity. But, as they say, "It's nothing personal, it's just business." So here are a host of helpful business reminders that are short and to the point when dealing with marketing, sales and e-commerce. Print them out and highlight them if you like. Share them with your friends or staff (some of whom should be your friends!) and they will thank you for the tip. We hope, in the end, these articles will help you grow your business and, if you're lucky, have fun doing it! Enjoy! Mark

Is Your Company Posting without a Plan?

Is Your Company Posting without a Plan? Eleven Essential Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy Most businesses need a structured road map to create and manage successful social media programs. Social media strategy consultant Neal Schaffer shares eleven essential components your company’s social media strategy should include.    Many company leaders understand that in […]

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New research reveals the increasing power of the ‘digital native’

  As further evidence that customer complaints can’t be kept quiet in the digital age, research from NewVoiceMedia, a leading provider of cloud contact center technology, reveals that a third (34%) of US consumers take their revenge online following inadequate customer service; spreading the complaint across their network and beyond. Thanks to social media, internet forums […]

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