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Feature: Keeping an Intergenerational Office Copacetic

Today’s complicated office structure is made up of several different generations of employees, yet there are two that can be radically different: Baby Boomers (approaching retirement; born between 1946 and 1964) and Millennials (entering the workforce; between the ages of 18 to 30). Each age group is distinct in its own way. When the groups […]

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Don’t Be Passive about Passwords

  by Don Jackson, a Director with Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit (CTU) security team Passwords are used everywhere, and they are important keys in protecting valuable assets.   Unfortunately, research based on actual breaches has shown that users, when not physically prohibited from doing so, will generally select weak passwords that are simple and easy […]

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Feature: Brothers Become Pumped on Balloons

As brothers growing up near Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steve and Tim Mattson had a lot of adventures together. They never imagined, though, that one day they would both be balloon artists, creating fantastic figures and décor from that familiar staple of kids’ birthday parties, balloons. The Mattson brothers are co-owners of Creative Distinctions, LLC, located […]

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Feature: My “Precious” Helium A Requiem to Helium

We don’t have any helium……..Sheer panic set in…..So I took the space and time to reflect my thoughts on a beach in Santa Cruz, California, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I’ve been “doing balloons” since 1979, I’m one of the originals, and so grateful to be a small part of this wonderful community of balloon […]

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Feature: $48,000,000,000!

$48 Billion Worth of Consumer Loyalty Reward Points Dispensed Each Year, Yet One-Third Are Never Cashed In   First-Ever Quantification of U.S. Loyalty Rewards Value Accompanies Release of 2011 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census   Americans accumulate approximately $48 billion in rewards points and miles annually, according to the results of a first-ever study on the perceived […]

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Wrist Band

I&I: Stock Tyvek Wristbands Update

  We are proud to announce the release of our new, advanced security Tyvek wristbands. As illustrated above, you will notice that our stock "solid color" tyvek wristbands now feature a white stripe. The stripe contains an advanced and secure, embedded code which can only be detected using our smart readers. These readers can be rented […]

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Groupon Book

Feature: Groupon Could Kill Your Retail Business

Groupon Could Kill Your Retail Business, Retail Consultant Bob Phibbs Writes  New Book: Groupon: You Can't Afford It – Why Deep Discounts Are Bad For Business, an Amazon Bestseller Do deal-a-day sites like Groupon really bring in bigger profits? Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®, says "No." His new book, Groupon: You Can't Afford It – […]

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Three Different Arch Styles Now Available

Three Different Arch Styles Now Available On Colonnade Arch Systems Curved, Straight, Angled Arches Meet Variety Of Styles  Colonnade arch systems from wedding and event product developer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., La Mirada, Calif. ( ), are available in a choice of contemporary curved, straight and traditional angled styles to coordinate with a wide range […]

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BizBash Board Chairman to Focus on Consumer-Side Brand Expansion

  BizBash Board Chairman Jonathan Adler to Focus on Consumer-Side Brand Expansion BizBash Media ( ), the trade media company for the event industry, announced today that its chairman, Jonathan Adler, 54, will devote his full-time efforts to building BizBash’s consumer business through both acquisition and organic growth. The consumer mission is to offer the […]

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