Valentine, I Get a Kick Out of You

Valentine Ninja This little Valentine Ninja is perfect for marshal arts fans of all ages…and you will love this high profit, 660 LINK-O-LOON® no-tangle gift design for delivery or carry out.
Materials & Equipment
1 x 89950 38” Valentine Ninja foil shape
1 x 57912 Fashion Red 660 LINK-O-LOON®
8 x 54612 Fashion Red 6” LINK-O-LOON®
8 x 54014 Deluxe Black 12” LINK-O-LOON®
2 x 57014 Deluxe Black 260
16 x 51002 Fashion White 5”
2 x 57602 Fashion White 160
2 x 57614 Deluxe Black 160
Air, helium, Ultra HI-FLOAT, heavy weight


1. Make an air-filled cluster of four with 12” Fashion Black LINK-O-LOON® sized to 9”. Make a cluster of four with 6” Fashion Red LINK-O-LOON®. Place the small cluster on top of the large cluster and press each 6” LINK-O-LOON® balloon in between each 12” LINK-O-LOON® to position the small ones on the opposite side. This will lock the clusters together and create a bigger space under the black cluster for you to tie in a heavy weight so the cluster base is stable and sits flat.

2. Air fill the Fashion Red 660 LINK-O-LOON® all the way to the tip. Tie the necks of the 660 and one of the black balloon necks from the center of the weighted cluster together. IMPORTANT: Tie the necks together tightly for upright stability.

3. Make a helium cluster; treat four Deluxe Black 12” LINK-O-LOON® with Ultra HI-FLOAT and overfill slightly with helium for extra float and lift. Don’t worry, Betallatex & LINK-O-LOON® can be overfilled easily without popping!

4. Make air-filled clusters with 5” Fashion White, and 5” Fashion Red LINK-O-LOON®. Helium-fill the large shape Ninja foil and tie a 260 onto the neck of the balloon. Place the white cluster against the neck of the foil, wrap the 260 into a figure eight to secure it in place, add the helium black cluster and follow with the red LINK-O-LOON® cluster in the same manner. Tie the 260 ends tightly to the tip of the 660 LINK-O-LOON®.

5. Add 5” Fashion White balloons sized to 4” to the Deluxe Black LINK-O-LOON® tips and sized to 3” to the Fashion Red LINK-O-LOON® tips. Trim off excess material for clean lines and to create less weight.

6. Complete the look with air-filled 160 and 260 balloons placed around the 660 LINK-O-LOON® in a square with pinch twists at each corner. Trim off excess.

Conclusion: Since there are only five balloons filled with helium, this arrangement will last for a long time. Your customers will love the longevity and you will love the prep-ahead option and the extra profit of air-filled balloons.

Pro-Tip: A heavier weight at the base and extra helium in the top LINK-O-LOON® cluster will insure the arrangement is stable and stands upright.


About Eddie Heyland

Eddie Heyland owns Balloon City USA ( ), one of the most successful balloon decorating companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He has maintained a storefront, delivery and décor business in the industry for more than 20 years and has created balloon décor abroad in Australia, Japan and in numerous US cities for major Fortune 500 companies, as well as high profile organizations. Eddie’s expertise is best demonstrated in sellable, profitable and visually impressive designs.

Eddie Heyland



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