Problem Solver: Six Steps to E-mail Efficiency

The fantasy persists. We arrive at work, reflexively start our computers, and find an automatic "Out-of-Office Assistant" universally displaying the following message across the country: "The endless stream of emails – and the expectation that people are constantly available to read them – is leading to incalculable inefficiencyand impairing the quality of life. Accordingly, if […]

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Problem Solver: Watch Those Speed Bumps!

Watch Those Speed Bumps! Avoiding Six Common Sales Mistakes  Not all sales interactions run smoothly; even the best salespeople inevitably hit a bump in the road. Maybe  you've hit that bump because you unwittingly mishandled a situation, or because your customer had conflicted feelings about a sale. Either way, if you want to salvage your hard work and make […]

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I&I: The Art of Rie Hosokai

In the recent Diamond Jam (12.01.06) in Mesa, Arizona, USA, Rie Hosokai from Fujisawa, Japan,  has won the first price of the World Championship with her red "Guard of the Temple". This master piece, a real three dimensional balloon sculpture, can be considered in the balloon art an equivalent to Michael Angelo or Leonardo's works.  Rie's was able to design […]

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Feature Article: My Precious Helium – A Requiem to Helium

  Preface by Mark Zettler I had asked publicly a while back about how everyone is being affected by the "Helium shortage" we are all experiencing. Though this problem was supposed to be long gone by now, shortages continue as do surcharges from many helium distributors around the US and the world.  Colleen Carroll from Airdancer Productions in […]

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Feature Article: Drawing with DRAW

  An explanation by:Sean J. O’Kelly, BALLOON DÉCOR, Dingley Village, Melbourne, Australia In this, my third article about using an integrated graphics suit I’d like introduce some of the tools within the program I use to create my theme specific, print and Internet ready presentations for our Balloon Decorating Business.I regularly use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite […]

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Mark's Rant

Mark’s Rant:

So, I’m sitting at my desk and perusing through the piles of papers and magazines and photos and, and, and…! Up pops an Images catalog from Pioneer from 1992. 1992, that’s fifteen years ago! There was a Bush in the White House – but not this one. There was the verdict in the Rodney King […]

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  BALLOONS & PARTIES can be contacted at: PartiLife Publications, L.L.C. 65 Sussex Street Hackensack, NJ 07601 (201) 441-4224 Phone (201) 342-8118 Fax                                    

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