Linda Bruce – a Star has Dimmed

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It is hard for me to believe I am writing this note, let alone for Linda Bruce, the shining star of the balloon community.

Mark and I met Linda many, many years ago while we were teaching somewhere at a balloon seminar.  She was also an instructor for us at all of our All Star Revues.  But it wasn’t until the final dinner of a Ballooniversity event where we really got to know each other.  At our table were Marjorie and Don Burchette, Judy Gorman, Dottie Blanchard, Mark, Linda and myself.  That night, Linda and I talked about everything!  From growing up on the East Coast vs. the West Coast, to our kids, our husbands and education in the balloon industry.  (That we talked about alot!)  We joked how we would go home the next morning, do our laundry and see each other in two weeks in Las Vegas for the first Balloon Camp.

 When we arrived in Las Vegas, Linda was the first person I saw at the hotel and with tears in our eyes, all we could do was hug and give each other support, as we had tragically lost Dottie just a few days before.

I am now giving you a virtual hug.  The support Linda gave everyone she met in our industry was uncomparable.  The twinkle in her eyes and beautiful smile made everyone she met feel special, whether a newbie just learning about balloons or those of us old timers as she sat in the back of the class with her big smile picking up new tricks to share with the rest of the balloon world.

As we all know, Linda was a very special person and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  To her Pioneer family we send our condolences and to her husband Louie, and children Eryn and Frank our deepest sympathies.  Although a light has dimmed, remembering her smile will always warm my heart.

Andrea Zettler



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