Feature Article: One Company’s Greening Efforts

Green is not a fad; not a trend… What is it then? Robin Albing of AIM research recently gave a very insightful Presentation on the movement to being "Green" at the 2008 International Housewares Show. Green is more than just a trend but is becoming a "lifestyle".

A few key points are:
1. Baby Boomers want to leave the world a better place and young adults want to grow old in a good environment plus children are brought up in an eco-conscious system.

2. People are changing how they live in a way that would be hard to revert back and they genuinely believe that they need to make a difference. This change is coming from the bottom, not governmental but grassroots.

3. Only 8% of consumers think the current interest in Green is a fad, 57% are concerned and that is affecting our market decisions. 35% hope its long term but just aren't sure yet.

There are many implications to all businesses and all walks of life. My take on the Housewares Show was that this industry is one of the most sensitive to color, trend and most importantly lifestyle that I have seen. Kitchen appliances last a long time and when this industry makes a change we all need to pay attention! International Housewares Association for retail and wholesale.

Green Way TM Resource Update

What a significant impact we all can make with such a little thing as switching to recycled materials. We recently told you about our new 100% Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with 95% post consumer recycled content. Take a look at their impact.

Little changes, big impact
– So far this year we have saved:


Source: ECO Paper Calculator | Neenah Paper  

Recent Updates:  We are very pleased to say that all styles of our USA made plastic bags now have a minimum 25% recycled content and many up to 40%. This consists of a mixture of post consumer and post industrial recycled materials. Our Encore TM line of recycled PE T-sacks are made using an oxodegradable additive and consist of up to 100% recycled plastics.

  • Made in the USA in an environmentally certified facility
  • Contains no heavy metals above 100ppm (US regulations)
  • Made from 25% recycled Encore TM plastics collected in the US
  • 100% recyclable. Collections at most major groceries and chain stores.
  • Printed with non-toxic water based inks
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