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Just when we thought we were done with Winter by the teasing temperatures last week, I look outside on this first day of Spring, and see more snow falling!  Another 3”- 6” by the time it is done.  We in the Northeast have had quite enough of those frozen puffs of water!

But I did take the time to reflect back through the cold Winter months and how our retail business fared and wondered about yours?  Every part of the country and even the world has “their season” for balloons.  For us, we are busy right through New Year’s Eve, our busiest day of the year and then we expect it to be slow for weeks afterward when we play catch up with paperwork and inventory.  Valentine’s Day, which used to be our busiest day many years ago, has turned into just another day.  This year falling on a very cold Saturday, it was practically non-existent.

As I said previously, different parts of the country have different seasons.  If and when the snow finally thaws in our area, we anticipate a bountiful Spring with proms, Sweet 16’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, corporate openings and more.

So I’m curious.  How was your Winter Season?  Will Spring be an awakening for your business as well?  Let us know.  Drop us a note.  Send us some pictures.  The Internet is a lovely thing – just a click of a button and instantly we can receive your photos.  So many balloon artists share their work from around the globe and we often times send them out for you to see what is happening in other parts of the world.  If you are on Facebook, be sure to “like” the Balloons and Parties page to be a part of what is happening globally in the world of balloons.

Wishing you a warm Spring Season,


Andrea P. Zettler

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