7 Design Tips for Quality Email Newsletters

3. Cater for your audience

Consider the market you’re trying to reach when crafting newsletters. Different markets require different types of newsletters. For example, a business that is selling a product requires more images, while a financial company will use more text. Keep this in mind when creating your email.

4. Enhance what you’ve got

It’s not only fashion shoots that require some retouching – often your images can benefit from some…enhancement. Fancy, and often complex, computer programs are unnecessary to edit images. Online image editors are user-friendly and, more importantly, free. Take advantage of them. Check out , , or .

5. There’s a difference between a newsletter and a website

HTML email newsletters are not meant to duplicate a website. Emails should share the fundamental aspects of the website, such as brand logos and general themes, but not content. Newsletters and websites are two different modes of communication, but branding should always be consistent.

6. Test and test again

Always test emails before sending. Every email client renders your email differently. A good website to test is .

7. Blocked images happen

Most email recipients have their images blocked by default. That means that they have to enable images before viewing your email in all its graphical glory. How sure are you that your emails pull them in when there are no images displayed? Provide alternative text for images. This means that when your images don’t load for some reason, a description of them will still be visible.


Applying these basic tips can greatly impact how effectively your newsletters engages recipients.

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