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The company’s ReProduct™ greeting card line, which can include invitations, announcements and other stationery items, give consumers and businesses an innovative and environmentally sound way to efficiently reuse materials. Inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle design philosophy, ReProduct™ takes aim at a $7.5 billion market. First, the ReProduct™ patent-pending greeting card is sent to a friend in the provided, two-way envelope that is printed on the same polypropylene substrate (plastic) as the card. Once the recipient finishes enjoying the card, he simply places it in the postage-paid return portion of the envelope and sends it to Shaw Industries, the nation's leading textile manufacturer and the world's largest producer of carpets, where 100% of the card is ReProducted into new carpet tiles.

Over the last twelve months, a growing number of top-tier organizations have produced holiday/corporate cards (and other marketing materials) using the ReProduct™ method. Cards are also sold on the company’s website and through a direct sales force to corporations, non-profits, and elected officials, among others. Other product development initiatives in the pipeline are also focused on areas where the ReProduct™ method offers both financially and environmentally superior alternatives to traditional materials and processes.

“In 2008, as people exchange greetings and purchase decorative paper goods, people can make a personal resolution to respect the majesty of the environment without unnecessary cost or waste. Our cradle-to-cradle design philosophy, symbolized by our ReProduct™ greeting card, achieves a powerful goal: beauty without inefficiency. Each product even includes an integrated postage-paid method to return the item to its next user. Our partner then uses 100% of the material to create a new product or product component,” says Rich Sootkoos, CEO of C2C Holdings. “This patent-pending program is the first of its kind to truly expand the life cycle of specific brands. Our corporate sponsors recognize this trend, which enables them to produce better and ‘greener’ merchandise.”

A Green Revolution: Greeting Card Abundance
Each year, people send 1.9 billion Christmas and holiday cards to friends and loved ones, the largest card-sending occasion, followed by Valentine’s Day with 192 million greeting cards in circulation. “These numbers are huge and necessitate greater respect for the environment and renewable materials. We need to eliminate waste, which is a serious problem in the paper industry, without compromising quality. Our innovative processes accomplish that goal,” states Karyn Pless, Chief Marketing Officer of C2C Holdings.

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About C2C Holdings, Inc.
Based in Manhattan Beach, California, C2C Holdings, Inc. was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Bernard J. David. The company uses a licensing model to make its methods available to industrial and consumer-facing businesses. Its first initiative, among many in the pipeline, is focused on the written substrate category, where the company is bringing to market, with a number of partners, greeting cards and other stationery items printed on polymer based materials that can efficiently be reused in other products.

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